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I had another good lesson yesterday. I've learned all the notes in Burgmüller's Ballade
and am now working on bringing it up to tempo. I'm also working on my first sonatina, Sonatina
by Walter and Carol Noona. It sounds like some of the music I've danced tango, or
perhaps a medium tempo rumba to.

I finished RFC 1323 and am now on 3168. This one will probably take longer than the previous two.
It's based on some techniques I'm not very familiar with, so I have to refer to some other RFCs.
Still, it's good to be able to study this stuff again. I've missed it. This is the first time in
several years that I've had a chance to carefully study an area of networking that I really like.

After poking around the ACM web site, I've been thinking of joining. I used to be a member many
years ago, but I let my membership lapse. It's US $99/year, which I suppose isn't too bad. There
are a lot of benefits, not the least of which is access to the publications. I've also come to the
conclusion that I might need to buy some new textbooks to aid my study of network performance. I
would prefer not to spend too much money, but there are advantages to having the newer editions of

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