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if we knew then what we know now

At the NewArch project page there is a paper in which several of the original Internet designers discuss how they would design the Internet today. I haven't read all of it, but I found the first section very interesting. I found out about it from reading the end2end-interest archives. I may try to join that list. I know some of the people who are on it, although I have not had any interactions with most of them for many years.

In other news, I've been tired for the past few days. I caught a cold and lost my voice for about a day. The last time I remember this happening was back in 1991, back when I was a grad student and sang with a couple of UCLA choral groups. I have moved onto a new piano piece, Burgmüller's Ballade (Op. 100, No. 15). It's going well so far. I might have it learned by my next lesson on Monday.
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