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fewer computer science majors

Slashdot ran a thread sometime back about how enrollment in computer science (CS) departments is dropping. Someone in the thread made a comment about the lack of women in CS. In response, someone posted a link to a Linux HOWTO on ways to increase interest in Linux among women. The HOWTO doesn't have links to many of the other (IMO) good resources for women and computing, such as Systers and Ellen Spertus' collection. Jane Margolis of UCLA also did quite a bit of study on this subject.

The trend of dropping CS enrollments has been noted at several schools. You may have heard that Bill Gates has recently tried to recruit more CS majors, claiming that there are lots of interesting problems to solve (and by implication, MS is the best place to solve them). IMO, if Bill Gates is dissatisfied with declining CS enrollment, he is partially to blame, because by laying people off and offshoring work, he is sending a message to prospective CS majors that CS is not necessarily the best career choice. I certainly couldn't blame anyone from deciding to major in CS, given the lousy tech job market. In fact, I have seen many postings by students who are considering other options.

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