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I had a phone interview yesterday with someone from Cisco looking for a broadband termination person. Unfortunately, he didn't think I was a good match because I don't have any recent network software development experience. Oh well.

I sometimes think that the only job I'm likely to get in this depressed tech economy doesn't exist any more. If AV was reconstituted in its old form on its old infrastructure, I could just step right in and resume what I was doing before I was laid off. I wouldn't require any training because I would know exactly what to do. Although there might be other job candidates who are better than me, none of them would be able to just walk right in the door and do the job; they would have to learn their way around the infrastructure and learn a lot about the front-end servers.

The other day I was reading and saw a guy was having trouble with click fraud at AV and ATW (AllTheWeb). The contacts he has in Overture have no idea how to help him; they do not know how to track down the problem on the AV or ATW end; they probably don't even know who to contact. It is a sad commentary on the lack of communication among people who, IMO, ought to be communicating, but for whatever reasons, this doesn't happen. But I only need to see the post to know where to look for the problem and form a plan for dealing with it. Of course, dealing with this type of problem was very stressful ... but I could do it.

If I get a job at Cisco or some other place, I'll have to come up to speed quickly, and learn the infrastructure, code, customers, etc. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that before anything serious happens. I sometimes wonder what's the best thing to be in this depressed tech economy -- is it better to be brilliant (enough to perhaps get to work for someplace like Google Labs where you get to work on pet projects), or to be able to learn something really well that people depend on so much that they depend on you to do it, thus giving you job security (assuming your company stays in business).
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