gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

After six weeks of putting my Right Management program on hold, I decided to reenable it. I have
four weeks left, after which I won't have access to their online or office services, except for
something called a Zip team where people meet in groups to discuss their progress in finding jobs.

I told our contact (the woman who reenabled my account) about a phone interview I had with Y! Mail a
couple of weeks ago. The position wasn't a software engineering job -- it was more like a
Manny-type job. (For those not in AV, Manny was in charge of planning and logistics for
operations.) In general, I thought I did pretty well during the interview -- I answered all but one
of the questions I was asked. (I forgot the answer, but it's something that could be looked up easily
on a hardware spec sheet.) I also asked a lot of questions, to try to figure out things like how
"success" in the job was determined, why the position was being advertised (was it a new or vacated
position, and if vacated, why did the previous person leave?). The impression I got from the
interviewer matched my brief experiences with other groups at Y! during our brief time there, plus
some other things people who interviewed there told me. My impression is that it's very much like
AV about four years ago. Anyway, I didn't hear back from the guy, so I assume they either found
someone else or decided not to fill the position. It's a toss-up; I need a job, but I don't need
the stress.

Our contact wanted me to come in and talk to one of the Right counselors about the interview to try
to figure out what I might have done differently. I said I would think about it, but in reality, I
don't think I did anything wrong. This aspect of Right is frustrating to me; some of their staff
seems to think there is some sort of coaching you need to have that makes you a better interviewer.
Maybe, but what if there are so many qualified applicants for some position that the company can
just pick someone at random and they'll do a decent job? Or they might not even pick the most
qualified person, but that person does a decent job anyway because things are relatively calm during
their tenure and they don't have to deal with the types of problems that either expose their
weaknesses or burn them out? Also, I don't think I was the most qualified person for the job
anyway. If someone like Manny (or even Manny himself) applied for the job, I think he'd get it
because he has more practical experience.

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