June 14th, 2013

classic cylon

Juniper test engineer initial phone screen

Yesterday, the engineering manager for a Juniper test engineer position gave me an initial phone screen. He asked me to describe the two route servers I worked on at Equinix. He also asked me one of those "rate yourself on $programming_language" questions (Perl). I gave myself an 8. After looking at my resume, he asked me if I wanted to stay at a company for a long time. (I'm not sure what prompted this question – arguably, I have worked for (most of the last) 30 years, within which one might reasonably have several jobs (especially considering those companies either no longer exist or were acquired by other companies).

Anyway, tomorrow, I'll have another phone screen with two engineers from the team. As part of interview prep, I reviewed some notes from a talk a former Equinix colleague gave on merging Internet infrastructure companies, which included results from some testing I did of the OpenBGPd and Bird routing daemons. I also looked at the IETF idr WG mailing list archive to see if an update of a draft of a "socialite" route server has been published. (I reviewed a previous release of the draft a few weeks ago.) It hasn't been yet.