March 20th, 2010

classic cylon

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I'm back here, for a little while. Things have been very hectic at work. I'm often tired.

I had to give up chorus for this and next quarter (our spring concert season). I pretty much reached the conclusion that I didn't have time to be a regular participant any more. Work was making it necessary to miss rehearsal after rehearsal; when I didn't have to work late, I couldn't really get to rehearsal on time due to traffic; and sometimes I was just too tired to go. For the last three concerts, I didn't feel like I really knew the music. Even though I had most of it memorized, I didn't have the rock solid internalized knowledge that I had prior to 2008. (Arguably, I was unemployed, so I had more time to spend on just the music.) I haven't said too much about when I will be back; it will depend on a number of things that have yet to develop.

I also came to the conclusion that I missed dancing and wanted to resume, so I signed up for lessons with my former teacher Gail. We were in the process of working on some west coast swing, east coast swing, and samba when I injured my left hamstring and had to take a bit of time off from that. I'm not sure how I injured it; maybe I put too much weight on it while dancing, walking, or in the act of sitting down. It's better now, although still a bit sore. I'm going to try a lesson next week, but I might not go to the Thursday night party during which I dance with teachers. (Also, I will probably have to work late.)

I've made tentative plans to go to Paris this coming July. I hope to do some dancing while I'm there. There seems to be quite a swing community in Paris. It seems to date back to the Allied forces liberation of France during the 1940s, at least. Many of these clubs and associations have Facebook pages, so I've joined and friended them. After going to Paris I'd like to visit Albi to see my friends from Assou-Lézert. Some of them are really into the Tour de France, which is passing through the Tarn region on July 17th, possibly right through Albi.

Speaking of my recent hamstring injury, not only did it keep me off the dance floor – I had to shorten my weekend morning walks. However, I was able to complete my usual Saturday morning route this morning, albeit with a little soreness. It made me feel good just to be able to go out and walk. I've been thinking that it is important to me to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the simple things like walking my usual routes on my days off. I don't want anything to happen that keeps me from doing that.

There's some other things I'd like to write about, such as some other blogs from CS theorists and some problem solving articles I've found, but that will have to wait for now.