January 11th, 2009

classic cylon

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Still very busy with work. Although I had a nice visit with my parents during Christmas, I was pretty busy doing things for them while I was there, plus I had to attend to a problem at work. That plus not really getting any sleep on the flights to and from Florida meant that I really didn't get enough rest during the vacation, which is what I really needed. Things are just as hectic at work as they were before Christmas, but I'm not refreshed, which concerns me, as usual.

I've reconnected with some friends from HS on Facebook, which is cool. However, I haven't spent much time on it. Before joining, I never really thought about it much, since I don't even get to spend as much time on here or LinkedIn as I want to. However, it seems to be some potentially valuable offerings. Also, I'm not sure yet how I'll use the service as a platform for self-expression. I may decide to save my rants for LJ and keep Facebook more casual (but not as business-oriented as LinkedIn).
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