November 4th, 2008

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misc. political commentary ...

I've heard about long lines at polls. Fortunately, I voted by mail last week, so didn't
have to worry about it. However, as I drove by my polling place this morning, I didn't
see a line, just a few people with signs directing voters. Perhaps since it was around
9am, the lines had dissipated.

I'm a registered independent, about which I get flack sometimes. I don't mind, but some
things disturb me somewhat. For example, there are people who are very critical of
some Republicans, calling them ignorant, etc. But then they turn around and claim that
the only reason the non-major parties exist is to siphon votes away from their favorite
major candidate. I think this shows a lack of respect for the other parties, whose
constituencies have real concerns that are poorly (if at all) addressed by the major

In this video, the comments by Jack Burkman pretty much sum up how I feel about
the bailout.