August 27th, 2008

classic cylon

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I haven't been sleeping well lately. Part of it is due to the heat, but I've also been
putting in a lot of late hours, especially unexpected late hours. As usual, I'm concerned
about my projects. I also haven't decided yet how (or even if) I'm going to be able to
fit dancing and chorus in.

The last few days I've had a recurring dream about being a grad student. In the dream,
I'm trying to make progress on my thesis, but somehow I never seem to. A strange thing
about the dream is that my thesis has something to do with moving very heavy metal objects
that are attached to ceilings with fine wire. The lab where I do my research is very
odd-looking, more like a machinist's workspace than a lab where some kind of computer
science is done. I dread the meetings I have with my advisor, who seems unhappy with my
lack of progress.

When I awake from the dream, I feel unsettled. Ordinarily, I'd just shrug off the dream,
but there's an aspect of it that seems real.
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