June 4th, 2008


(no subject)

I went to the Starlite last night to inquire about resuming dance lessons. I haven't actually decided that I will do that, but I just wanted to see who was available, etc. It was good to see some people I haven't seen in several months. (In addition to not taking dance lessons, I've only gone out dancing once since I started my new job, and I didn't go to the Starlite.) Turns out Gita (appearing in the pic) may be too booked up, but the other teacher I worked with (Gail) may have openings. If I do wind up working with her again, I'll be able to practice some French with her as she is a high school French teacher. In my situation, it helps to have an activity serve multiple goals, because I don't have time to take dance lessons and French classes.

I have mixed feelings about dancing again, mostly due to the time commitment. In order to really make progress, not only do I have to keep to a regular schedule of (at least) one lesson per week, I should take a couple of group classes (one per dance I'm working on at the time) and attend at least one dance party where I can practice with teachers. That time commitment exceeds the time allocated for weekly chorus rehearsals (and I missed several of those due to work and/or exhaustion).

What would really make me feel more at ease about dancing is if I had the same level of knowledge and experience in my current job as I had at AltaVista. Having been around for so long (and having had a hand in how things ran), I could reliably predict how long it would take me to do something, so I could schedule things like dancing, chorus, and even piano around that (most of the time, less so as things at AV started to deteriorate). Also, I had an idea of what might cause trouble in the future, so I could have fixes in place well ahead of the trouble (or at least a mental plan of how to fix a problem). But now, I'm still new, and learning. I don't quite feel that I know my current job as well as my AV job. Having the summer off from chorus would ideally give me more time to spend on work. I'm not even sure three months is enough.

What I don't want to happen is to miss something that someone who makes personnel decisions thought I should have handled.