May 31st, 2008

classic cylon

crazy rhythm, here's the doorway

My chorus' spring concert just ended a couple of hours ago. We sold out. There were people standing and sitting on the floor. Fortunately it was a pleasant evening. The feedback was very positive. People seem to like the way we move on stage, in addition to the singing, which we owe to our director who has incorporated the choreography into our performances. Some of the passages in the pieces still leave me kind of winded. One of those big breaths gave me a bit of a twinge at the bottom of my ribcage, but fortunately I caught myself before injuring myself. (Pulling my stomach in helps.)

So that's it, for a while. I still haven't heard anything definite yet about the SongsofLife trip. I can't go, but perhaps I'll attend some of the rehearsals just to see how we prepare. I still haven't made up my mind yet about resuming dance lessons now that I'll have Tuesday nights free. It depends on how I feel about what my workload will be over the next few months.
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