April 24th, 2008

classic cylon

death by blogging

There have been some recently reported deaths of professional bloggers – those who are making a living by writing articles on their sites. Two well-known bloggers died of heart attacks. Others have suffered sleep disorders and other stress-related diseases. What seemed like a fun and easy way to make a little money isn't turning out to be so, at least for some bloggers.

Taking a page out of the history of the Net, Laura Lemay (aka "Redhead. Drummer. Geek.") recently indicated that she felt pressured to blog like the pros, whereas the posts she really wanted to write were more personal, such as would be found on LJ. (Anecdotes about one's personal life aren't considered appropriate material in the professional blogosphere.)

Personally, I need to work on my own stress management. It is disconcerting to find out that a growing number of people are stressing themselves to death.