December 27th, 2007

classic cylon

more westside geeks

Reading through the SIPB meeting minutes archive makes me (almost) wish I was a student again. It brought back a lot of memories, including a couple more geeks from the westside.

I knew of Charles Frankston. I'd seen his name around a lot, mostly associated with Multics and Athena. When I finally saw him in person, he looked several years older than me, so I assumed he had already graduated and was on MIT's staff, somehow. Turns out he marched the same year I did. Go figure. He lived in Baker House (possibly not during his last few years at the 'tute).

However, I did know Richard Mark Soley. He lived in MacGregor. I don't remember exactly where; possibly up in the tower. I also knew that he was part of SIPB (although I'd forgotten). I remember he was tall (taller than the nearly six feet me). I seem to associate him with symbolic math (Macsyma). Unfortunately, I don't remember if I ever asked his advice about classes, course 6, problem solving, or anything like that. From what I vaguely recall, he was pretty approachable. Perhaps I'll send him some email and ask him what he thinks of what I have written about the 'tute, etc.

One thing I don't remember is if anyone from the west side of campus tried to recruit people to join SIPB. From what I've seen in the archive, it seems (historically) that people in SIPB tended to know each other already and became involved as part of that friendship. Most of the people live{,d} in dorms that are typically associated with the east side.
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