October 1st, 2007

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Quickie update ...

Philadelphia's going to the postseason; the Mets are going home. It was an unfortunate meltdown. John Maine pitched an excellent game on Saturday to keep them in the race, but Tom Glavine got roughed up in the big one. It happens sometimes. I hope the owners don't break up the team or make any stupid offseason moves, because I still think there is a solid core. More on this later, perhaps.

I'm still looking at various IETF (and now IRTF) WGs. There is one called shim6 that's creating a "layer" of separation between the identifier and "location" (with regards to Internet topology) of a network-enabled device. I worked on something like this a long time ago when I was at SRI, except instead of a "layer", the computer would answer to its older addresses, and learn about newly assigned addresses of computers it was currently communicating with.

Some time ago, in the process of searching for literature on problem solving, I ran across some writings of Edsger Dijkstra. At the time, I just briefly browsed a few of them. Thanks to Michael Mahoney's mention of Dijkstra, I became interested in these writings again. There's actually a lot of material I found useful and thought-provoking; the kind of stuff I wish I'd known at the time I was struggling through classes, etc. I'll comment on some of the papers later.
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