August 15th, 2007

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No Cloudmark interview yet ... the interviewer never called me. After a hour's wait, I called the recruiter, who told me he'd just received a message from the interviewer that he wasn't able to contact me. Something about getting my answering machine. The phone never rang while I was waiting (except for me testing that it actually worked with another phone). So it's been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

I read one of their white papers last night, and it's pretty interesting. While I'm somewhat skeptical about how well their system would perform if used on a global basis (a lot of it depends on the trust of partners to report spam), they've given a lot of thought to how they'll tackle the problem. Also, they're willing to be open about their general approach, which is a plus for me. If nothing else, it's given me a glimpse of how things could be for me, with good preparation and a little luck.
classic cylon

A Greybeard's Apology

There was an article published on c|net today about how "icky" it is for old, married guys to friend young women on Facebook. While I'm not married, I'm probably old, and perhaps "icky", with respect to some of the people whose journals I comment in but have not friended me (nor vice versa). So here's an explanation, sort of.

Some of it is nostalgia – I like reading about people's experiences of places I went to school. Some of it is hopefully dispensing useful advice. Then there is the aspect of trying to learn/understand how to be a better problem solver/computer professional from those people who seem to "get it" more easily/straightforwardly than I did when I was a student. So pardon the occasional intrusion – I'm not a stalker; just someone who wants to share and learn.
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