August 11th, 2007

classic cylon

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I reached a piano performance target this morning. I played Vince Guaraldi's Skating at 108bpm. Although I don't have a recording of it currently, I think I'm in the ballpark of the actual tempo. There are a few rough spots, and it'll be some time before it's really ready to be played in public. (Aside from my home keyboard, the only other place I've played it is on my former teacher's piano, and I was still learning it at the time.)

When I first started learning it about a year ago, I wondered if I would ever reach the point I'm at now. It's the most difficult piece I've studied. Now I can proceed to Linus and Lucy, which I hope I can learn and bring up to full speed by December. Based on looking at the score, most of it is within my current abilities, although there is one section that may take a fair amount of time.
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