May 28th, 2007

classic cylon

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Last night was a prelude to this summer's festivities. Some of us who'll be going to Cassis had dinner last night at the home of the couple who invited us to their Cassis summer home. The menu featured ratatouille, salmon, several breads, sorbet, brownies, and several wines. We also sang some of the songs we'll be performing on Friday and in France. I was impressed that despite having had a little too much to drink, the other bass and I were able to blend perfectly. (A recording was made of our singing in which neither of our voices stood out.)

I feel funny sometimes that I can't have guests over to my place. It's too small for more than 2-3 guests. There is even less free space than there would otherwise be, because things that would be in an office (if I was working) are in boxes. Also, my place could use a good cleaning, but I haven't really had much time to clean lately. (It's irritating doing housecleaning because everything just gets dirty again after a while; it's not as if you can just clean once and never be bothered with it again.) I guess there's other things I can do, such as invite people to my dance showcases.
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