April 10th, 2007

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I decided to apply for a somewhat different type of job - a Product Marketing job at
Foundry Networks. The job entails setting up networks for bakeoffs and other demo-type
situations. 30-40% travel may be required. If you're wondering why I decided to apply
for this, there weren't any software jobs listed that matched my (recent) experience,
but I have set up networks for testing and demos before, plus I recently set up a
home wireless network, so this is something I might be able to do. I guess I can put
up with the travel requirement for a while, although I once got burned out on business
travel during the first three months of 1988. Incidentally, I noted on the app that
I won't be able to start until August. I really want to go on my trip and don't
want to risk being told that I can't borrow any vacation time.

After completing my application and résumé, I checked for errors, and to my (unpleasant)
surprise, found Foundry's application software had appended the following to my résumé:

ENGEDGENGENGENIT,GENGENEDGENIT,GENGEN Experience=20 year(s) total. 0.5 year of general
experience. ; 1 year of general experience in high technology. ; 12 years of general
experience in education, information technology, management, office / secretarial. ;
2 years of professional experience in information technology. ; 4 years of professional
experience in information technology. ; 1 year of professional experience in high
technology, information technology. ;

Depending on how this is interpreted, it may make me look as if I don't have enough
experience in anything! What is up with this? With all the complaints companies
are making about being unable to find qualified Americans to do tech jobs, you'd think
they'd use software (or better, people) that will carefully read an app to determine
whether a candidate is qualified.
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