March 21st, 2007

classic cylon

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I haven't ruled out the geopriv working group (WG), but I'm also looking into the pcn WG,
which is more inline with my interests in end2end research, congestion avoidance, etc.
Based on what I've read so far, Internet emergency 911 service seems to be a huge can of
worms. The projects aren't very well funded, and there is bickering among WG participants.
It sort of makes me wonder if as it stands, it won't get traction, and will require a
large telecom provider (or perhaps a consortium) to provide the service in exchange for
some kind of exemption from competition. The geopriv WG has been around for a while,
and some prototypes have been created, whereas pcn is fairly new, with perhaps more
opportunity to shape its direction.

Speaking of end2end research, I had a dream about my graduate advisor on Monday night.
There were some strange aspects to the dream, such as having to walk across a green pond
(or maybe it was just puddles) to get to a meeting with his research group. But when I
got there it was only him (at least at first) with my research results. The document was
much larger than what I actually wrote to satisfy the degree requirements, and this one
got two letter grades (like 6.033, but unlike in grad school, which wasn't graded). One
of the altos from chorus was in the dream also, possibly because over lunch recently she
asked me why I didn't want to go back to school for a PhD.
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