September 23rd, 2006

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I found out from a voicemail message that my piano teacher and her partner have been ill. I don't know yet what this means in terms of continuing lessons. Some teachers refer their students to other colleagues, but I don't know if she does that. A possible outcome of this is the money that was set aside for piano lessons could be applied to dance lessons, but I'm not sure I want to go without piano lessons at this stage of my development. I don't think I know enough not to fall into bad habits. (Arguably, the time off from dance lessons didn't keep me out of bad habits, but I seem to have less emotionally invested in dance than piano.)

I've finished learning The Little Drummer Boy and have moved it into the "working up to tempo" phase. I recently started Victor Herbert's March of the Toys. The first page is giving me a little bit of trouble, especially in the right hand. There are several fingering possibilities, but I don't seem to have locked onto the best one for me yet. I'm still learning Skating, focusing on getting some glissandos to be at least minimally playable.

I need a piano icon. I'd like a Schroeder icon from Peanuts but haven't found one yet that's available for free use. (Granted, I haven't looked very hard.)
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