September 14th, 2006

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I'm only tryin' to school ya

As long as I'm on the anniversary kick, it's been roughly 35 years since I entered PS 132. I was there for only one school year – fifth grade. I've written some things about my teacher Mrs. Nethersole before; she was the first person who mentioned Stuy and MIT to me. I thought she was a very good teacher who also had great control of the classroom – not such an easy thing to do at that time and place. She had a way of getting kids' attention with her "Where do you think you're at?" One definitely needed to check one's attitude at her door.

BTW, the SciFi channel recently aired a couple of 1960s movies, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Fantastic Voyage, that were in syndication around the time I was in the fifth grade. They aired in the afternoon, so unless I was home for the day I'd usually catch the last few minutes. My mother regularly watched the afternoon movie. Those types of movies contributed to my education. In Fantastic Voyage for example, the miniaturized crew traveled throughout a human body, and the dialog conveyed information about how the parts of the body they visited function.
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