May 12th, 2006

classic cylon

alphabet meme

If you comment, I will give you a letter (if you wish) of the (English) alphabet. You then produce a list of 10 words beginning with that letter, write something about each of them, and post the list in your journal.

nsingman gave me the letter Y:

A plug for my Stuy HS yearbook; a source of great memories.

I play a Yamaha keyboard.

Yahoo is the most popular destination on the web, according to some measures. It's also (unfortunately) the company that laid me off, when it bought Overture, which had bought AltaVista.

Yahweh is one of the names of the Jewish and Christian God.

As a lifelong Mets fan, it's natural for me to root against the Yankees.

I want to live a long life, and retain my youthfulness.

When I was growing up in NYC, I watched the telecast of the Yule log burning on Christmas Eve in the Mayor's mansion on WPIX-TV (channel 11).

I also loved playing Yahtzee when I was growing up.

I enjoyed hiking in Yosemite and hope to return soon.

I took swimming lessons and did some summer camp at the YMCA. (It's also the title of a popular disco song by the Village People during my senior year of HS.)