November 13th, 2005

classic cylon

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I went dancing last night. Things worked much better. I made sure to do a lot of stretching before and after dancing. This time, I didn't pull any muscles, and was pain-free, in general. I also had a fun west coast swing and part of a bolero with one of my former teachers.

On the way out of the dance club, I picked up a flier for auditions for LyricTheatre's production of Die Fledermaus. Turns out another of my former teachers, Gosia Hoot, is doing the choreography, and is recruiting Starlite dance students to audition. There are vocal as well as dance roles. I really don't have time to prepare a piece, let alone actually rehearse, but the thought of doing so intrigued me a bit. I still have to figure out how I will squeeze in dance lessons with everything else, if I decide to resume dance lessons.