November 7th, 2005

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On Saturday evening, after some debating with myself, I decided to go dancing. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea ...

The evening started out strangely. Hardly anyone I knew was there. Only one of the regular crowd I usually see on Saturday nights was there, and he was DJing in the back room. That in itself was odd, because he's usually the DJ on Sunday salsa nights.

I felt sort of off for most of the evening. The dance floor was crowded, and I can't maneuver around like I used to, so I wound up doing a lot of hesitations, especially during waltzes. I had some trouble leading a samba, although part of the problem could be that my partner doesn't know the dance that well. She fell while I was leading botofogos, which is a fairly basic pattern just involving mostly direct line-of-dance motion down the floor. Possibly she slipped, or got her feet caught. I couldn't tell for sure, and I couldn't maintain enough resistance to keep her from falling.

Later, I went to the back room to do some club dancing (hustle, west coast swing, etc.). One of my west coast swing partners didn't seem to be picking up my leads. In some simple moves, the leader lets the follower out with a full arm extension, but this partner seemed to think I was keeping her in cuddles, or something. So I had to alter (what I think is) my usual motion. She accidentally stepped on my left foot, but fortunately it wasn't injured.
I had a couple of fun west coasts with another partner who is usually there on Saturdays, and a bolero that would have been more fun if I could have remembered the proper exit after a curl.

Overall, it was an OK night, but I left thinking that without taking lessons (or even dancing at least once a week), I will probably continue to have problems. I'm rusty, and have probably picked up some bad habits. I've also lost a bit of muscle control. Dancing requires the use of lots of muscles, and being unable to properly control them makes certain dances difficult (especially the ones I've mentioned).

Speaking of muscles, when I got home, my left upper thigh was hurting a bit. It started hurting a lot more when I bent down to unplug my keyboard. It was time to go to bed (fortunately!) so I had an opportunity to rest the thigh muscle, and it wasn't bothering me too much the next morning. I was able to do my usual walk, but the muscle starting hurting when I went up a short but fairly steep dirt path. So I was in some pain for most of the afternoon, but it eventually subsided when I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel any pain, and was able to do my usual exercises. By afternoon, I still felt fine, so I went for my usual walk. I was about 2/3 done when the pain started up again, and it started bothering me enough that I had to favor my left leg. Right now, as I type, I don't feel any pain, and can walk around semi-normally (perhaps favoring my left leg a bit). I hope I'm feeling at least as well tomorrow morning as I did this morning, but perhaps I should hold off on dancing until the weekend, at least.

If I decide to resume dance lessons, I probably won't have enough time to learn French, and it also may cut into my piano practice time.
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