June 17th, 2005

classic cylon

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Last night, my piano teacher wasn't in a good mood when I arrived. The three kids who
were practicing their trio were having a lot of problems. She tried to get them to pick
up their tempo, but they had too much trouble playing at the faster speed, so she slowed
them down a bit. That didn't help much, and finally she said it was time to move on. She
told them that they needed to pull things together or else she would cancel their
performance at the recital. Before moving on the the individual performances, she
admitted that things were difficult for her because her grandmother had just died and she
was in the midst of trying to prepare for the funeral.

I was able to play the first movement of Sonatina Romantico passably, except for
the section I have trouble with where the left hand does some octave and ninth jumps. I
was very nervous for some reason, and my hands were shaking, even while playing

In general, I'm probably not quite ready to play the piece in public. I'm not sure that
I'll be ready in nine days. If I'm having trouble during the recital, perhaps I can play
the trouble spots with one hand until I reach a comfortable spot.