April 14th, 2005

classic cylon

click fraud challenges

A very simple solution to determining how good a company is at click fraud detection and prevention is to have them issue a prize to anyone who can fool their system. Treat it like the cipher challenges, in which people who break codes are awarded prizes.

I would like to see what would happen if at some search engine conference, some people issued such a challenge to all the search engines. Whether they accept the challenge at all, how large a prize they offer, and the extent to which they are actually able to defend themselves against the contestants will shed quite a bit of light on this issue, IMO.
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classic cylon

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Joe Holcomb, the Senior VP of Marketing of BlowSearch recently wrote a detailed article on the problems with click fraud. It's a somewhat lengthy two-parter, including some promotional material, but worth a read to anyone concerned about click fraud.

He's a big fan of PPC and feels that it can be successful despite its flaws. Personally, I have never understood the industry's love of PPC advertising. In fact, I have never understood some people's desire to track all clicks, even those that aren't related to advertising. I think it imposes unnecessary costs on the search engine and is too prone to abuse.