March 30th, 2005

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A problem came up with my chorus' web site's ranking in search engines (mostly Google) that I looked into last night. Apparently, some people in the chorus are unhappy that if you do queries for the group by name (Aurora Singers), some Los Altos Town Crier articles are listed before the home page. Also, there is some sentiment that if you do a query like (chorus Palo Alto), our home page should be on the first results page. There was some misunderstanding, which led to a public announcement during rehearsal that our site would move up in rankings if more people accessed it. As it turns out, I think our site may be suffering from some links to its old location (which refreshes to the new location) that were never updated, and a lack of links in general. I contacted the webmasters of the sites with the old links and asked them to replace the old with the new links, so hopefully that will help. (FWIW, we're the #1 result for the query (Aurora Singers) at AV and Y!)

While working on this problem, I started to feel uncomfortable. My stomach started bothering me. I thought it might be gas. It didn't subside until after I went to sleep. I was feeling somewhat stressed, as the confusion regarding this issue was very reminiscent of past stressful situations at AV. So, despite being away from the stress for nearly a year, it still affects me. That's not a good sign, especially since I'm still pursuing employment at Y! I didn't sleep so well last night, and am feeling somewhat tired now as a result.

Thanks to a poster in sci.math, I found Dijkstra's archives, containing his thoughts on various topics in computer science including how it is taught. I've read a few of them so far, and found them interesting. He foresaw much of the situation the computer industry is in now. Some of the articles are in the original Dutch.

Piano is going ok; keeping me busy as usual. I sometimes put too much staccato in some sections of the Tarantella. It's not intentional. Part of the problem is adjusting to my teacher's acoustic grand.
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