February 19th, 2005

classic cylon

sleep meme

Picked up from madcaptenor:

1. How many hours do you normally sleep at night?

I try to get seven hours of sleep per night. I often wake up at least once per sleep period. Sometimes, I have trouble falling asleep again.

2. Do you wish you had more time to sleep? Or do you wish that you slept less?

I wish I did not require as much sleep as I do.

3. Do you like sleeping?

Yes, when I'm tired and really need to sleep. Otherwise, no, not particularly.

4. What is the longest continuous period that you have spent awake? Why did you do it?

I don't remember how long my longest continuous time spent awake was. I know that on several occasions while I was at the 'tute, I pulled all-nighters. I also pulled some all-nighters at AV. On my last trip to France, I had trouble sleeping on the plane, and was up for several hours after the plane landed the next day, so that may have been the longest time. I'll guess it was somewhere over 36 hours but less than 48.

5. If you were offered the chance to eliminate sleep from your life, with absolutely no negative physical or psychological side effects, would you take it? Why or why not? What if this chance was only possible for you, and not for any of your friends or family, or society at large?

I might take it. I would rather do other things besides sleep. I would have more time to practice piano, learn French, read, etc. As far as my friends, family, and/or society are concerned, I'm not sure how anyone else would feel about it. Some people seem to accomplish everything they want to do and also get as much sleep as they want. If the question is asking "is it fair for me to require no sleep?" I could certainly pose similar questions such as "is it fair for some people to be taller?" and so forth. OTOH, does not requiring sleep imply never being tired? I wouldn't want never to sleep but to be maximally exhausted.