January 25th, 2005

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I recently bought a collection of Bach piano pieces (including both books of the WTC) on CDROM. I took it to my piano lesson yesterday to see if my teacher wanted me to work on anything in particular. (She had actually mentioned some time ago that I should study a four-part chorale.) She's going to look through the collection and let me know next week what she wants me to do.

During the lesson I was thinking about all the music that I will probably never play (in fact, I will probably never play all of Bach's music). I mentioned this to my teacher, and she replied that Americans are too impatient when it comes to learning music. (She was born in Russia, and started piano as a child.) I noted that American culture is very geared towards quick results and instant gratification (witness the development of fast food chains, microwave ovens, and so forth). Also, I think it is more likely that even an American child studying an instrument is going to have a fair amount of distractions (in general) that a Russian child won't due to TV, etc.

My practicing is becoming more demanding. I have to spend lots of time getting technique down. Also, now that I have learned all of the notes in the first movement of Sonatina Romantico, the next step is working it up to tempo. There are some sections that are 144 bpm, and a tricky section using several four-finger chords, so it will be some time before this will be performance-ready. My teacher thinks I might be able to perform it by May; we'll see.
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