November 30th, 2004

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It looks like I'll be in my piano teacher's "recital" for adult students next month. (I use quotes here, because it's not exactly a recital; it's more like a small group of students getting together to play for each other.) The pieces I'm planning to play are J.S. Bach's First Prelude from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Heller's The Avalanche and Ukranian Carol. My teacher convinced me to do the Heller piece even though I find it more difficult than Burgmüller's Ballade, which I was also working on. I probably won't be able to play Ukranian Carol at its suggested tempo (72 measures per minute), but hopefully I'll be able to get it to the point where the tempo is perceived by the listeners to be lively.

There was once a point where I thought I would stop taking piano lessons after participating in a recital, but now I'm not so sure. I would like to continue studying piano. However, I'm starting to miss taking dance lessons a bit. I was also thinking it would be nice to take some voice lessons. In some ways, I think I have a greater gift for singing (and possibly dancing) than I do for piano. The singing and dancing also fits in well with chorus.

Speaking of chorus, the next visit from our sister chorus (Assou-Lézert) from Albi, France is coming up soon. I haven't had time to study any French. Arguably, it isn't as critical for me to learn French for their visit as for our next visit, since I wouldn't need to speak French to anyone other than the A-L members. However, I'd like to improve my French a bit. OTOH, considering my lack of success at finding computer work, it might be a better investment of my time to review Spanish (or perhaps learn Vietnamese) instead of learning more French. (Not to mention the math stuff I need to review.)

I'm not really stressing about this; just considering options.
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