November 18th, 2004

classic cylon

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My parents are in town this week, so for the past couple of days I've been doing a lot of driving. We did some holiday shopping on Tuesday. Yesterday, I drove them from Santa Clara to Novato to visit one of my father's cousins. Tonight, we'll be in the east bay to visit my father's cousin's daughter and granddaughter.

I once didn't mind long drives around the SF bay area, but since the dot-boom, there has been a lot more traffic, and an increase of reckless drivers. Far too many people are weaving in and out of traffic, often without signaling. This makes driving a chore, especially when I'm tired, because I have to be on extra alert for situations that could develop into accidents.

As a result of this week's festivities, I've fallen off my usual schedule a bit. I didn't get to practice piano yesterday, and I haven't done my usual walk for two days. (However, there was a fair amount of walking on Tuesday.) After I'm done online, I will probably take my walk, eat lunch, and then try to do some piano practice.
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