October 20th, 2004

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Congrats to the Red Sox for coming back from three games down to take the next four games and move on to the World Series.

In other news, I finished reading RFCs 3168 and 3522. Thanks to a brief period of motivation, I got a start on a draft RFC on dealing with spurious timeouts that builds on RFC 3522. I still haven't joined any of those working groups I mentioned earlier, but am generally feeling better as the days go on and I continue to update my network protocol knowledge.

The rains have come to the SF bay area. It has also been noticeably colder than it's been for the past few weeks. Personally, I prefer the warmer, drier weather, but I realize we need the rain.

My piano lessons are still going reasonably well. The sonatina I'm working on has a lot of octave positions, which is giving my hands and arms a workout. My teacher helped me with a couple of the fingerings that were giving me trouble and causing me a bit of pain. She also gave me a video on developing piano technique while preventing pain. (Although she did note that pianists do experience pain from time to time similar to athletes.)
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