December 28th, 2003

classic cylon

catching up

The winter concert went pretty well on 12/19. I think we had a full house. I was a bit concerned that the audience wouldn't be able to hear me and Nancy, because we sung our duet from behind the piano (not near any mics). However, people in the audience assured me that they could hear us fine. I was glad that some of my ballroom dancing friends were able to make it to the concert.

I had to spend the next couple of days getting ready for my trip to Florida to visit my parents. That mostly involved a lot of household stuff.

I left for Florida on Sunday night. The second leg of the trip from Salt Lake City to Atlanta was difficult because I wasn't able to sleep. I slept a bit in the Atlanta airport, but was very tired by the time I got to Daytona Beach. I tried to stay awake to adjust to EST but I had to give in to a couple of hours sleep.

For most of my time in Florida, I was tired and mostly just wanted to stay at home and rest. I did manage to do a few useful things for my parents, such as installing AOL 9.0 and Norton AntiVirus. (They don't have broadband, so the virus updates took a long time to download.) But I was tired overall, and had some feelings of depression and sadness off and on related to the upcoming layoff. My back also started bothering me, due to sleeping on a sofabed that was too small and uncomfortable.

When my sister arrived on the night of 12/24, we drove straight from the airport to a Christmas Eve service at the church my parents attend. I don't recall the last time I've been to a Christmas Eve service (if ever). On Christmas Day we had breakfast, opened some presents, and listened to last year's Aurora Singers holiday concert before dinner.

On the way back to San José from Atlanta I couldn't sleep again. However, I was able to do something useful -- I read the first 75 pages of the Addison-Wesley VPN book. When I finally got home, it was really cold. There was almost no food at home, so I had to go to the supermarket after unpacking. (Thank goodness for 24x7 supermarkets.)

Overall, it was a good trip. I was just too tired and (somewhat) depressed to feel merry.