October 27th, 2003

classic cylon

an LJ observation

LJ is pretty good because the volume of postings is relatively low, generally on topic, and there little or no spam or trolling. However, it's not quite as open as usenet. A couple of times, I have posted responses to what some people have written in their journals, and have gotten the impression that I invaded their private space or something.

On a somewhat related subject, I've always wondered if people outside of ops read keystone tickets, and if so, what they think about the general process by which operational problems are identified and resolved. Some people who are new to the company who don't understand some of the terminology people are using can get confused by certain things (e.g. a fetch package pushed to one machine vs one pushed to all the machines in a group). Also, some of the people have been with the company for a long time, and have a shared history, so it might not be clear to newer people what's going on.

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