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ProtonMail test

I took a test from 7-9am this morning from ProtonMail, a secure email provider based in Geneva, Switzerland, that has an office in SF.  The test was sent to me by email, and I had two hours to complete it.  ProtonMail required me to take the test during their business hours, so I either had to be up at dawn to take it or stay up really late.  Either way, I knew I would be tired, so I decided the best thing to do would be to take the test first thing in the morning.

The test had several logic puzzles and some other questions.  I have not focused on those types of questions lately, because tech companies are more likely to ask algorithms and systems related questions.  Even if I had prepared more for those types of questions, I still might have struggled with them, because I don't do well on those types of questions after just waking up.  So basically, it's the same old story -- I wish I had done better.


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