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IBM interview

I had an interview loop yesterday at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab facility with several people from the Cloud Network Services group.  Four engineers plus the engineering manager interviewed me.  I thought my overall performance was so-so -- I could have done worse, but could have done better.  Some of the programming questions I was asked were similar or the same to questions asked some time ago on HackerRank, but I was a little slower at the interview, so I either wasn't able to complete them or made small mistakes.  There were also questions I was asked about past projects that I didn't remember very well.  The air conditioning in the building made me feel very cold, enough to put my jacket on, and impeded my ability to answer questions.  I also started feeling tired after about an hour and a half of the loop.  Perhaps the height of the loop was explaining to one of the team members how Relative Placement works.

Unfortunately, I was turned down.  I am disappointed, but not discouraged.  Hopefully, I will do better on my next interview loop (well enough to get some kind of offer).  Perhaps if I have some time, I will make some general remarks about my experiences with tech interviews over the last couple of years.  (If you read my posts on FB or Quora, you probably have an idea of what I'm going to write.)


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