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Mar. 31st, 2013

I've been meaning to write about my experiences at Swing comps, but haven't had much time. I only have a little bit of time now, so here goes.

Back in October 2011, I wrote about being excited about Swing comps, but a bit concerned that I would not have time to participate (and practice) as much as I would need to do well (namely, make top five in WCS Jack and Jill (J&J) finals). I was right to be concerned. For various reasons, it is very difficult for most people to make top five in such finals. There is a somewhat long explanation of why, but the short version is that especially at the larger comps (including Boogie by the Bay, my "home" comp), there are far more entrants in the entry-level division (Novice) than opportunities to earn "points" through making finals. I was told that it might take me five years to get out of Novice; that is quite a realistic estimate, considering I have been in six comps so far, and the closest I've come to getting a top five placement is being the first alternate to the Novice finals at Monterey Swingfest back in January.

I'm still sorting out my feelings about making finals. On one hand, I don't really need to make finals, because I'm not trying to start a career in Swing dance or anything like that. At present, the most value making finals would be to me is with enough final placements, I'd be able to move into a higher division which would get me admittance to workshops with smaller student-to-teacher ratios. OTOH, I feel a bit of "unrest", due to personal pride and some other things, because I would like to get into one of the higher divisions.

If I have time, I'll write about some more things about Swing competitions and dancing that have been on my mind.



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