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Cisco interview

I had an onsite interview with a QA group at Cisco last Thursday. It went ok – better than the recent Brocade interview, but not as well as I would have liked it to. One of the people who interviewed me asked me lots of protocol questions, most of which I gave very good answers to. The time I've spent on the LinkedIn IPv6 and other computer networking-related forums has paid off.

There was a C programming question that I had trouble with involving pre- and postincrement of variables. I had never encountered this type of situation, where the target of an assignment statement is also an operand:

int v, x, y;

v = x = 5;
y = 11;

v = v++;

x = ++y + x++;

printf("%d %d %d\n", y, x, v);

The value of v is 5. The values of y and x are 12 and 18, respectively. I don't understand why either v is not equal to 6 or x is not equal to 17. I checked K&R, which doesn't say anything explicit about what happens when the target of an assignment statement is also pre- or postincremented. My general opinion is that one wouldn't want to write such code, which could have unexpected side effects, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Update: Didn't get the job. Oh well.
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