gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

This was a pretty busy weekend. My chorus had its spring concert on Saturday night. It went pretty well. Several
people in the audience thought it was one of our best performances. I had a little waltz routine with Nancy, our
accompanist (who was directing) during "The Anniversary Waltz" section of the "American Life" medley arranged by Dawn,
our conductor. Throughout the medley, there were lots of little skits and various other things going on, such as four
women wearing veils and carrying bouquets during "Chapel of Love" and people skipping rope and hopscotch during "Oh,

A friend who came to the concert asked me if I knew anything about network processors. I only know a little about them
from skimming through a white paper a few months ago. When I got home, I checked and found a few books on
that subject, plus some readers' comments that suggested Intel network processors are the state of the art. So I went
over to Intel's web site and found several white papers on their network processor family and how they're used to build
various types of network devices (e.g. routers, switches, and appliances). This kept me awake until about 2:30am.

On Sunday I went to the Starlite to watch the medal ball. Part of me wished I had participated, but I was feeling
tired from being up late, and it was relaxing to just watch and support the other dancers. I was feeling a little sad
while watching, because in a few weeks, I will have used up all my dance lessons and won't be signing up for more. Part
of it is the money, but I've been thinking that I need to devote that time to other things (such as finding a new job
and making sure I can either hold on to it or am doing something that will make it easier for me to get another job). I
did manage to get in a few dances during the breaks, and got some nice comments from my partners. The new technique I'm
learning has improved my dancing while taking the stress off of my knees.

I headed over to BookBuyers after the medal ball to look for a book on network processors. One of the books I found on I had seen in Stanford's bookstore, but it was expensive. So I figured I'd try to find a used copy at
BookBuyers. They didn't have anything on network processors, but I was able to find A Wrinkle in Time. Reading
through parts of it brought back a lot of memories of when I was a kid. It also made me feel a bit sad (you can
probably guess why).

I also found a copy of Cormen's algorithms book for the incredibly low price of $15. I was surprised it was that cheap.
Someone who's been looking for that book is going to be very happy.

Because I was so busy this weekend, I didn't get to play much piano. I'm off to do a bit of that before going to bed.

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