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Vyatta phone interview

I had a phone interview on Monday morning with a couple of people from Vyatta, a company that makes a Linux-based network OS and appliances that run on virtual machines. The interview wasn't quite like others I've had in the past with directed, detailed coding questions and such – they wanted to know about the BGP work I'd done at Equinix, and about other projects I'd worked on at Nominum, AltaVista, and Digital. After I told them about those projects, they expressed some concerns about me not having worked on any other routing protocols besides BGP. I wasn't surprised to hear this – I express concerns about this sort of thing myself, as you're probably aware. But they invited me to come in for an onsite interview tomorrow, so I'll get a chance to prove myself, at least. That's about all I can ask for. If they do hire me, there will be a steep learning curve, although not as steep as the learning curve I had to climb when I started at Equinix. They gave me a little exercise to do in the interim – to create a LiveCD of their "core" (open source) release, boot it up, and use the configuration tool, which is JunOS-like.
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