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The following are comments I sent to the authors of World IPv6 Day Call to Arms, a draft that makes some recommendations to systems and network administrators on how to minimize IPv6 connectivity problems before World IPv6 Day, which is scheduled for June 8th, 2011. (The link may be broken after the draft expires.)

I have recently been doing a little bit of Teredo testing on Windows
Vista. It has been some time since I have used IPv6 tunnels, so I am
reacquainting myself with some of the details. There are a couple of
issues I encountered that could affect users' experiences with IPv6.

Teredo server

If the default Teredo server is down or otherwise unreachable, IPv6
won't work. I was using one yesterday (,
with not much problems, but it is unavailable at this moment for some
reason. Instead, I'm using the Teredo server in Spain, If users are unaware that they may
need to switch to another Teredo server, they may be confused that
they no longer have access to IPv6-only resources, or that they are
(mysteriously) being directed to the "equivalent" IPv4-only resource.
There are very few Teredo servers at this moment, and I don't know if
there are any plans to increase their number between now and World
IPv6 day.

IP address indication

Some IPv6-enabled web sites that publish AAAA records also provide you
with the IP address you use to access their site. However, I have
noticed that some of these sites will still display the IPv4 address,
even if an IPv6 address is given explicitly in the browser
(e.g. http://[2001:67c:2e8:22::c100:68b]/). I'm not sure why this
happens, but it is confusing. Other sites such as don't seem to have this problem. Using netstat
can help to resolve confusion and determine if IPv6 is indeed being
used, but some Windows users may not use it or any of the other
tools such as netsh.
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