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iPad + accessories + "investment" = MacBook Air

As I tentatively step into the realm of tech product coverage ...

I'm not much of a Mac expert (never owned one), and haven't had a chance to try out the iPad yet. However, after playing around with a MacBook Air yesterday, I wondered if there was a large class of people who are perhaps better served buying a MacBook Air instead of an iPad with all the accessories. The base price for a WiFi only iPad is US $499, but if you're on the go a lot, and don't want to spend a lot of time hunting for those free WiFi hotspots, you'll probably want the 3G model. You'll most definitely want the protective case; you'll probably want the extended warranty; you may want the keyboard because you find it difficult to type on a touchscreen; you'll perhaps need the camera attachment if you do a lot of photo uploading; and ... soon you're over the US $1000 mark. For about US $500 more, you can get a MacBook Air that only weighs a little bit more, and is a full-fledged computing device. I'm not alone in my thoughts – see this Y!Finance article about a guy who wound up spending nearly US $700 on iPad extras.

I haven't decided whether I will buy an iPad or something else, but trying out the MacBook Air and contemplating the cost of all the iPad accessories has given me pause.

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