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I had an odd dream, not quite a nightmare, last night. I was back at (the old) Stuy for a choral concert. However, I was not in the concert, just visiting. Some of the singers said it would be OK if I joined them, so I agreed. But I didn't have a music folder. After looking for a folder, someone brought me the individual pieces of music, but did not bring a folder. I started thinking that perhaps I shouldn't sing, since I didn't know the music by heart, and that I'd rather give my full attention to the director. So I declined the invitation to sing, and set off to find the entrance to the auditorium and a seat. I was in a staircase going down to the auditorium when the dream ended.

As usually, I've been really busy. We're coming up on the 30th anniversary of my first day of (old school) Rush Week at the 'tute, but I may not get around to writing about it.

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