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About three years ago to the date, I started noticing some snoulder problems. They turned into full-blown impingement syndrome, which took me quite some time to get over. I think I'm almost completely over that now, but I seem to have developed another type of RSI that affects my right shoulder mostly after I've been using a standard QWERTY keyboard and mouse for a full day. Rather than retype everything, I'll just point you over to cellio where I described what is wrong and what I plan to do about it. I've suspected that I needed to use ergonomic computer equipment for some time, but it looks like I'll have to get some pretty soon, or else things will get worse.

In addition, I've been working pretty hard, and haven't had much vacation since I started my job in January 2008. (Even when I went to visit my parents last December, I worked during some of the time I was away.) I've been reluctant to take time off, because I don't want anything to go wrong while I'm gone that I could have taken care of easily if I was there (my usual gripe).
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