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Google's `Immigration Fixer'

The following NYT article, a footnote to the one I (indirectly) referred to in my last posting on immigration, has touched off a lively debate on whether Google's hiring practices are fair, in light of the current economic downturn:

Google’s ‘Immigration Fixer’

My comments are here.

I'd also like to add to yesterday's comments on immigration to say that if we are really afraid that we will lose out to other countries technologically if we don't attract and retain more tech workers than current cap limits permit, we've already lost. We have no hold on non-US citizens. They have no good reason to come or stay here any more. Our financial system is a shambles; unemployment is rising; there is growing social unrest. In other words, we are becoming the very thing these people are trying to escape. They are in a position to make their countries better, and a growing number of them are doing just that.
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