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Did your education prepare you for your career?

Michael Mitzenmacher, a CS professor at Harvard, asks this question. I found many of the responses interesting, several which echo comments I've made on the subject.

I've actually found his blog, My Biased Coin, fascinating reading. He touches on quite a few issues I've discussed here, such as the importance of theory in CS education, and how exams should be designed. He even gives some comments on Ben Edelman's work on click fraud and related topics. The only topic I haven't seen covered is immigration/visas; I'm interested in what he has to say. As another point of interest, he worked with Andrei Broder, who was Chief Scientist of AltaVista many years ago, and is now part of Yahoo!'s research group. I'll definitely be checking his blog and commenting on what I read both there and here.
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