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Should H-1B recipients be laid off before others?

The H-1B debate has been kicked up a notch, as a consequence of the increasing unemployment numbers. Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa) is now requesting that since there are plenty of unemployed US citizens (who presumably have the credentials that meet the requirements the H-1B visa holders are supposed to fill), companies should let the H-1B visa holders go before any others. I should also point out that the US Congress has recently banned companies receiving TARP bailout money from hiring H-1B visa holders.

Here are a few CNBC videos where this was recently debated:

What I hope will come of these debates is, at the very least, baseline criteria that identifies the minimal qualifications for being a tech worker, such as we have with exams like the LSAT and MCAT. Thus, at the very least, when someone prepares for a tech interview, they at least know what they must know, instead of having to worry about whether to focus on memorizing tcpdump commands, or C++ language constructs, or the different management strategies of Star Trek captains. I also hope that it becomes clear that the discussions about hiring and retaining the "brightest and best" do not pertain to the H-1B visa program as stated, and there should be a different conversation about other (perhaps new) visa programs that can meet this need. At least there is one productive result of the H-1B scrutiny: some visa fraudsters have been arrested.
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