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Lots of guest worker visa news these days:

Microsoft: Layoffs for Some, Visas for Others - BusinessWeek

AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers - Yahoo! Finance (as if banks were not in enough hot water already because of those bonuses being paid with TARP money)

Layoffs mean more than lost wages for H-1B visa holders - San Jose
I have mixed feelings about this one. I wouldn't want to see entire families displaced, for example. But the people taking the jobs needed to understand that there was no guarantee that they would be allowed to stay in the US permanently.

What Judd Gregg bodes for high tech
He agrees with Bill Gates that visa caps should be lifted entirely, which I find frightening.

IBM's laid off employees offer jobs overseas - Feb. 5, 2009
This one is tough to call. One could argue that they're at least trying to find jobs for these people. OTOH, it could be a sneaky way taking people off of the payroll. IBM must realize that some of the people have family and/or ties to their communities, so they won't want or be able to move. So they can say "Well, we were prepared to find jobs for them overseas, but they didn't want to take them. Now we must fill the jobs somehow."
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