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A guy I worked with during the summer of 1978 was a big Red Sox fan. We used to listen to games. I also had a friend who was a big Yankee fan who used to come down and listen. My coworker used to tease my friend about how poorly the Yankees were doing that year, and that there was no way they would catch the Red Sox. But as the summer progressed, the Yankees mounted a comeback. By the time summer vacation was over, the Yankees had closed the gap considerably. On the weekend before school started, the Yankees swept the Red Sox in a four-game series, putting them in a flat-footed tie for first place. My friend and I were back in NYC, but he wanted to get in touch with my coworker to gloat.

There was another chapter in that Red Sox-Yankees saga yet to be written, but it was exciting, even to someone like me who wasn't even a Yankees fan.
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